International Harajuku Fashion Walk Brazil 2015

harajukuwalkbrazilOn July 25 and 26 occured the International Harajuku Fashion Walk – Brazil!

Organized by Harajuku Fashion Walk of Japan, an intervention periodically takes place on the streets of Harajuku (Japan) in order to gather alternative Japanese fashion’s lovers.

Due to the attention the walk has got around the world, Harajuku Fashion Walk Japan then created the Harajuku Fashion International Day (that is actually a weekend!) in which several countries could make their own walks simultaneously to celebrate it globally.

Once the video call was made worldwide, Brazil joined the event with many states adhering to the walk. The Lolita Association – Brasil organized the walk here in the country, representing the Lolita fashion communities in every state, disseminating and getting in touch with the other communities of various styles of Japanese fashion, such as Gyaru, Visual Kei, Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth, Mori Girl & Natural Kei, Shironuri, Cult Party Kei and many others which increasingly grow in our country and also made it possible to participate in these beautiful walks. Harajuku BR added a little extra help with publicity and consulting. We also made photographic coverage in Sao Paulo, along with Renato Uchoa, video by Aline Arie and the partnership of Festival do Japão and AkibaSpace. We have to mention Cristiane Sato from Associação Brasileira J-Fashion, who participated in the the walk and gave us some help too.

Eleven states joined the walk on July 25 and 26. They were:

Distrito Federal (Capital City Brasilia), Mato Grosso (Capital City Cuiaba), Minas Gerais (Capital City Belo Horizonte), Parana (Capital City Curitiba), Pernambuco (Capital City Recife), Rio de Janeiro (Capital City Rio de Janeiro), Rio Grande do Sul (Capital City Porto Alegre), Roraima (Capital City Boa Vista), Santa Catarina (Capital City Florianópolis), Sao Paulo (Capital City Sao Paulo) and Tocantins (Capital City Palmas).

Check out the following photos and videos from International Harajuku Fashion Walk Brazil !!

| State of Sao Paulo |
Photos by Harajuku BR |

Video coverage by Aline Arie:

International Harajuku Fashion WalkOi pessoal! =DFinalmente consegui editar o vídeo do International Harajuku Fashion Walk, que aconteceu dentro do Festival do Japão, em São Paulo, dia 26 de Julho de 2015!Queria deixar um agradecimento às organizadores do Walk, ao Festival do Japão, e à JBC / Akiba Space. Muito amor foi distribuído esse dia graças a vocês e a todos que participaram desse momento tão especial! s2A música é a “Spatiometric” de Casetofoane (

Posted by Aline Arie on Sunday, August 2, 2015


| Distrito Federal |


| State of Mato Grosso | Photos by Cinthia L. Andrade and Carolina Souza |


| State of Minas Gerais | Photos by Bruna Correa and Rafael Araujo |

Video by Tomiko Nagai:

| State of Parana | Photos by Jennyfer Loesch and Jenn Li Berté |

| State of Pernambuco | Photos by Helder Rodrigues |

| State of Rio de Janeiro | Photos by Manuela Braga |

International Harajuku Fashion Walk Brazil – Rio de JaneiroInternational Harajuku Fashion Walk Brazil – Rio de Janeiro by Gabriella Medeiros

Posted by International Harajuku Fashion Walk – Brasil on Sunday, August 16, 2015


| State of Rio Grande do Sul | Photos by Khriztian León |

Video por Unicórnios e Barbas:

| 2 fashion walks from State of Roraima | Photos by Gabriely Damasceno and Taylork |


1rst Walk – International Fashion Walk Roraima – Boa Vista

Posted by International Harajuku Fashion Walk – Brasil on Sunday, August 16, 2015

News story by G1 (click on the image to open the video page):

Liquidifikador at Harajuku Fashion Walk Roraima:


| Santa Catarina – Florianópolis | Photos by Thiago Gomes de Souza |

| Tocantins – Palmas | Photos by Marcelly Ribeiro and Julia Prado |

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